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Sports Laundry Systems® introduces 33-pound capacity hard-mount washer for athletic laundries

February 2017 | Download Article
Sports Laundry Systems 33 pound washer-extractor

Oshkosh, Wis.— Sports Laundry Systems® (SLS) recently added a 33-pound capacity (4.5 cu.ft.) washer to its most advanced line of hard-mount commercial washer-extractors. SLS’s flexible-speed hard-mount washers, now in 33-, 40-, 55- and 70-pound capacity models, are available for installation at athletic laundries throughout North America. Working in concert with ozone injection and high-performance dryers, the washers clean and disinfect athletic laundry by eliminating 99.9 percent of bacteria, viruses and superbugs, including MRSA, in the wash.

Like all SLS flexible-speed hard-mount washers, the new 33-pound capacity model offers programmable extract speeds reaching 200 G-force, a highly programmable control, and superior results using less water and energy. The washers deliver the flexibility of six programmable extract speeds, including 100, 140 and 200 G-force. Programmable extract speeds allow athletic laundries to custom-design wash programs to specifically meet the cleaning needs of loops, helmets, pads, towels and more. Additionally, flexible G-force is critical when installation variables are not ideal, according to Steve Leib, SLS national sales manager.

Inadequate concrete (thickness, chemical/structural damage, foundation not properly tied, tec.) requires laundry equipment with the flexibility to modify G-force, he said. “Unlike some other washers on the market, flexible-speed washers can operate over lesser foundations by adjusting G-force accordingly. Flexible G-force allows the washers to perfectly meet a variety of installation, application and load requirements.”

Offering advanced programmability, SLS’s flexible-speed washers work seamlessly with ozone injection to properly clean and disinfect athletic laundry, including helmets, pads, loops, towels and uniforms. The highly flexible Logi Pro Control brings 25 individually modifiable programs — each with up to 11 baths, including multiple pre-wash, wash and rinse cycles. Variables within each bath, including wash temperature, water levels, cycle times, rotation and G-force extract speeds, are individually programmable for maximum efficiency given the load type. Despite advanced technology, the washers are simple to use. Operators enter a program number and press start.

They are also highly productive hard-mount machines. Because SLS flexible-speed washers generate extract speeds up to 200 G-force, while most other hard-mount washers reach speeds of only 75-150 G-force, they remove considerably more moisture during extract. Thus, laundry loads dry in less time using less natural gas. By shortening dry time, athletic facilities complete more laundry per day.

Working to further extend uniform and towel life, a Smooth Touch system ensures laundry is delicately treated while inside the washer’s AISI-304L stainless steel drum. The Smooth Touch stamping system creates drum holes without sharp edges for gentle linen treatment and thorough water evacuation.

Durably constructed for years of constant use, all SLS flexible-speed hard-mount washers feature steel front, side and top panels coated with SLS’s Titan Steel Finish™ for superior appearance and corrosion resistance. Oversized doors with heavy-duty hinges simplify loading and unloading, and all machine components are engineered using as few welds as possible to attain unrivaled strength.

Highly efficient, the washers feature a sump-less design, which saves up to three gallons of water per fill. Additionally, exclusive AquaFall, AquaMixer and Load Sensing systems work in concert to further reduce water, energy and natural gas usage. AquaFall releases water into each load through holes in the drum lifters for better saturation and rinsing. AquaMixer improves wash action by mixing hot and cold water to achieve precise bath temperatures, minimizing water and energy consumption. Finally, Load Sensing automatically adjusts water consumption and dosing time proportionately, depending on the program selected and weight of the load. This contributes to additional water, energy and chemical savings.

Moreover, the unique G Drive system — a management communication system between the washer inverter, motor and microprocessor — saves energy while reducing noise, vibration and component fatigue.

To discover more about Sports Laundry Systems, visit or call 920-230-8550.

The Sports Laundry System, engineered for durability and years of continued use, is backed by an industry-leading factory warranty. Engineered for efficiency, the System also qualifies for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits, which can contribute to LEED certification.