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Sports Laundry Systems® introduces new lite ozone system

September 2014 | Download Article
Sports Laundry Systems Ozone Controller

Oshkosh, Wis.— Sports Laundry Systems’ new AFL Ozone Disinfection Unit (AFL) works in concert with high-speed washers and high-performance dryers to properly clean and disinfect athletic laundry. The compact, wall-mounted AFL ozone system is ideal for use with washers up to and including 100 pounds of capacity and laundry with light to medium soil levels.

“Now there are two ozone systems to choose from depending on an athletic facility’s laundry production needs and soil levels,” said Steve Leib, national sales manager. “The new AFL Ozone Disinfection Unit is an economically priced system that operates up to 12 hours per day.”

The more robust AF Validated Ozone Disinfection Tower (AF) – the original Sports Laundry System ozone system — is designed for multiple washers and more soiled loads; is clinically proven to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria, viruses and superbugs in the wash, including MRSA and C.diff; and uses patented variable ozone technology that monitors and maintains ozone levels according to the soil level of the load — ensuring total disinfection. The AF is engineered to operate 24 hours per day.

Sports Laundry Systems are engineered to properly clean and disinfect athletic laundry — helping prevent the spread of viruses, superbugs and bacteria, including MRSA, HIV and hepatitis. Catapulting laundry productivity, Sports Laundry Systems complete more laundry in less time; cut water, energy and detergent usage; lower utility and chemical costs; and ensure athletic items are properly washed according to pre-programed settings, exactly matching fabric recommendations.

Sports Laundry Systems utilize ozone as part of the cleaning and disinfecting process. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recognizes ozone washing in cold temperatures to be a valid form of disinfection.

Discover more about Sports Laundry Systems at or 920-230-8550.

The Sports Laundry System, engineered for durability and years of continued use, is backed by an industry-leading factory warranty. Engineered for efficiency, the System also qualifies for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits, which can contribute to LEED certification.