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Sports Laundry Systems debuts website

November 2012 | Download Article
Sports Laundry Systems homepage screenshot

Oshkosh, Wis.—Sports Laundry Systems recently launched a new website – – offering critical information about athletic laundry disinfection, productivity and efficiency; the threat of MRSA staph infections among athletes; and real-life case studies and videos supporting Sports Laundry System effectiveness.

“Sports Laundry Systems are unique in that they disinfect athletic laundry, as well as properly clean items according to manufacturers’ guidelines,” says Steve Leib, national sales manager. “The Systems effectively stop the spread of infections in the wash. This includes the superbug MRSA, which is a bacteria resistant to antibiotics.”

The new website offers simple navigation, product information, case study articles, and testimonial videos, according to Leib. “The site provides a large amount of content that’s simple to navigate and access,” he said. “It is a great place to start researching solutions for athletic laundries in high schools, colleges and professional venues.”

The highly informational website explains the benefits of Sports Laundry Systems, as well as the health risk of infections in athletes.

Sports Laundry Systems team freestanding, high-speed washer-extractors with ozone injection and high-performance drying tumblers to perfectly fit athletic laundry production needs.

When compared to most other laundry solutions, Sports Laundry Systems complete more laundry in less time; cut water, energy and detergent usage; save utility and chemical costs; and ensure items are properly washed according to pre-programed settings, exactly matching fabric recommendations. As a result, athletic facilities not only disinfect laundry to help prevent the spread of infection among athletes, they eliminate the possibility of fabric damage, cut costs, and keep pace with dirty laundry.

To find out more about Sports Laundry Systems – engineered to disinfect and properly clean athletic items – call 800-256-1073 or visit

Sports Laundry Systems – proven to kill 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria in the wash – are engineered to specifically meet the needs of athletic laundries dedicated to keeping athletes healthy.