Commercial Laundry Dryers for Multi-family Facilities

Select the Dryer Brand that Best Fits Your Central Laundry

Continental, LG and Econ-O-Wash/Dry dryers bring commercial-grade construction, unrivaled durability and superior efficiency to central laundries at university dormitories and apartment/condominium complexes. Highly programmable, simple to use, and engineered for uncompromised dependability, our dryers are available in topload to 55-pound capacities and space-saving stacked configurations. All products are backed by unrivaled service and industry-leading commercial factory warranties! These dryers match up perfectly with our high-performance washers.


Continental Dryers boast unrivaled durability, performance and programmability backed by an industry-leading ContinentalCare Warranty. Continental dryers are available in 30- and 45-pound capacity stacks and 25-, 30- and 55-pound capacity single-pocket models. All models seamlessly integrate with coin and/or card payment systems and come in electric and natural gas. Backed by unrivaled ContinentalCare warranties.


LG Commercial Dryers bring energy-efficiency, programmability, installation flexibility and durability to central laundries. LG Commercial Dryers are available in electric and natural gas models, work seamlessly with coins or card systems, and are configurable to meet the needs of any multi-housing laundry application. LG Dryers are available in 22.5- and 35-pound capacities.


The Econ-O-Dry single-load or stacked dryer quickly dries smaller loads. Simple to use, coin/card friendly, they are available in 20-pound capacity, electric and natural gas models. Backed by a 5/3-Year ContinentalCare warranty.