ProfitPlus = Value

February 2015  |  Download Case Study

Continental's new ProfitPlus Control not only offers customers the option of adding an EXTRA WASH, RINSE and/or DELICATE cycle, it delivers programming flexibility and added vended laundry profits. Here, vended laundries report on real-life ProfitPlus results …

Phil Irwin

Waters Express Laundry Center, Tampa, Fla.

“ProfitPlus has been a boon for us,” said Phil Irwin, owner of Waters Express Laundry Center, in Tampa, Fla. “Anytime you can give customers more options, it sets you apart from the competition.” At Waters Express Laundry Center – a laundry averaging 6.3 turns per day – customers take an “extra” 28 percent of the time. “We charge an additional 50 cents for all the extras and no one has balked at the price,” said Irwin. “The ProfitPlus Control is absolutely impacting our bottom line. It's almost all profit!”

Dion Marcionetti

Smart Wash, Addison, Ill.

“The bigger the washer, the more customers use an ‘extra' wash, rinse or delicate cycle,” said Dion Marcionetti, developer of Smart Wash, in Addison, Ill. The laundry is equipped with Continental Washers in 20-, 30- and 40-pound capacities. The ProfitPlus Control works in concert with a Card Concepts Card System for simplified store management and equipment programming. Not only is Marcionetti boosting profits by hundred of dollars each month, thanks to the control's EXTRAs, the customer is more gratified. “Customers perceive the ‘extras' as a value. ProfitPlus allows the consumer to make his/her choice,” he said.

Simultaneously, owners can make program changes quickly. “I like the idea of increasing prices yearly,” said Marcionetti. “I don't want it to be a chore.”

Marcionetti maintains 27 percent of customers using a 40-pound washer choose an EXTRA; 20 percent of customers using a 30-pound washer select an EXTRA; and 14 percent of customers using a 20-pound washer take an EXTRA.

Marcionetti also notes that customers love the control's SuperWash cycle, which equates to an additional $504 monthly.

Peggy Tefft

Express Laundry Center, Oshkosh, Wis.

“The offering of three ‘extra' options contributes to overall revenue,” said Peggy Tefft, manager of Express Laundry Center, in Oshkosh, Wis. “Thanks to the ProfitPlus Control, customers have the opportunity to select one of the supplemental options to their basic wash selection,” she said. Tefft reports that 36 percent of 55-pound washer customers, 25 percent of 40-pound washer customers, and 13.8 percent of 20-pound washer customers choose an EXTRA.

Tefft uses a card management system and the ProfitPlus control to quickly program the entire store for specials. “Instead of loading the pertinent information one machine at a time directly on the panel itself, programming is done by washer categories directly into a computer program,” said Tefft. “One information entry will apply all the pertinent information to all the machines in that category.”

Often, attendants will select an EXTRA when washing Drop & Shop laundry, as well.

Dan Sofranko

Perfect Wash Express Laundry Center, Huntington Beach, Calif.

“Twenty-five percent of my customers opt for an ‘extra' wash, rinse or delicate cycle,” said Dan Sofranko, owner of Perfect Wash Express Laundry Center, in Huntington Beach, Calif. “The ProfitPlus Control gives customers more options for customizing the wash process without overcomplicating it,” he said.

Meanwhile, he enjoys the quick programming offered through the control and his Card Concepts Card System. “I can tweak machine settings remotely,” he said. “I did eight days of free wash when I first opened. Before the eight days were over, I received many word-of-mouth referrals. ProfitPlus is a great sales tool for laundry owners.”

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