L-Series Card & Coin-Operated Large Capacity Coin Washer

These hard-mount washer-extractors offer exceptional programmability and durability for on-premise laundries.

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Product Specifications – L1075, L1125

Built for Longevity

L-Series Washer-Extractors offer heavy-duty construction and a quality three-year limited warranty. The front, top and side panels are AISI-304 stainless steel to resist corrosion and enhance longevity, as are the washer’s inner and outer drums. Exclusive construction offers 360 degree sealing around the entire door and a sturdy door bar that protects the washer's front from outside forces such as laundry baskets or carts. The heavy-duty bearing housing is built to withstand the demands of multi-cycle use, and well-placed mounting holes are easily accessible – allowing machines to be installed closely together – maximizing floor space and minimizing installation costs. Continental washer-extractors feature double forsheda water seals for additional bearing protection. Dispensers are polypropylene and utilize ethylene-propylene on all flexible ducts and hoses for superior protection against contact with chemicals.

Energy Efficient & Packed with Power

The advanced drive system of L-Series offers optimum wash performance and maximum energy savings while helping prolong machine life. These on-premise laundry washer-extractors offer multiple cycles to fit specific load requirements. The outer tub reduces water consumption, and economy cycles on the Premium Microprocessor Control units allow operators to program the machine for optimum water savings.

The Right Water Temperature & Level Every Time

L-Series brings an advanced degree of energy control for hot and cold water mixing, which allows laundries to customize the machine for optimum energy savings, productivity and profit. Double-pressure transmitters provide two water levels to fit both large and small load requirements.

User Friendly From Day One

Simple to operate and maintain, L-Series washers feature a self-cleaning, four-compartment dispenser for powders and liquids and factory-fitted automatic liquid feed detergent inlets. Easy access to moving parts means servicing is simplified. And, there’s never a need for lubrication.

Premier Microprocessor Control

Continental's Premier Microprocessor (PM) Control offers an easy-to-use programming system featuring 99 program selection options. Designed for flexibility, the control offers 20 pre-programmed and 79 user-programmable options to meet your unique on-premise laundry processing requirements. Everything from water temperature, wash action and fill levels, cycle time, delayed start, automatic cycle advance, automatic chemical injection and extract speed are programmable to properly clean a variety of fabrics. Simultaneously, the control allows for programs designed to cut utility costs, boost production or customer turnover and decrease labor.

Select Microprocessor Control

Continental's Select Microprocessor (SM) Control offers a flexible and reliable control option that features eight pre-preprogrammed selections. Additional programming flexibility includes programmable temperature control by degree in most baths, water level, soak delay, and cool-down. Optional program acceleration for quick rinse and spin cycles can be enabled or locked out from operator control. And, programming functions on the SM Control are accessible through a coded entry, which prevents accidental misuse by unauthorized personnel. The SM Control also features total cycle run audit capability and an easy-to-read cycle indicator display.

Set your Store Apart with PowerLoad & PowerLoad Plus

Continental’s PowerLoad and PowerLoad Plus Commercial Coin-Operated Washers are in demand by customers for family-load washing. Reap the revenue rewards as these machines bring customers in the door. Used wisely, these power machines can also help coin laundries cater to new markets via wash-dry-fold services and by processing laundry for commercial accounts, including catering companies, restaurants, beauty salons, health clubs and child care centers.

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